Welcome to Ayensudo Akoma International Academy of Arts and Sciences
Ayensudo Ghana, West Africa

 The Ayensudo Akoma International Academy of Arts and Sciences was founded by Malkia Brantuo in September, 2004. The school is located in Ayensudo, Ghana, West Africa - a farming village. The school is equipped to serve 200 students from Kindergarten to Ninth grade. Because of the many students who need the help, we would greatly like to expand the facility to accommodate them.

The school is located on five acres of land. It has large well-lit classrooms, a well-stocked library, a mini-computer lab, a playground and a school bus. The girls dormitory located on the property, is under construction and will soon need to expand to serve more students.

The Educational and Operating staff includes Junior and Senior Teachers, both male & female, 2 Co-Directors and 1 Building Principal. The Auxiliary staff is four Security Guards and 1 Bus Driver.

Our first batch of students graduated from the school in August of 2010, and has gone on to pursue higher education or vocational training.



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